America’s Cup Offers Sustainability Guide


Just a little hodge podge today.

Here’s a quote I ran across on sustainability that I like:

 The term sustainability is a complex and widely used term that has come to mean taking into consideration the social, economic and environmental aspects of our actions, as well as recognizing the inter-relationships between these aspects. Sustainability includes protecting our environment and preserving natural habitats and biodiversity, but it is also about promoting a healthy and engaged society and thriving economy. Sustainability requires balancing opportunities and constraints, and taking a longer-term view so that we are able to reach our maximum potential now, and future generations are able to do the same. 

It’s from the America’s Cup website. If you really want to see how to consciously go about trying to create a sustainable event – even encompassing thousands of people and addressing a city the size of San Francisco – check it out:


Here’s a recent photo of me on a farm tour in Alabama.



I’ve really been traveling a lot lately. Was in Starkville, MS, yesterday: north of there earlier in the week: in southwest Alabamacouple of days before that; in Natchez before that. 

 Busy, busy… 


Note: iPad and iOS7 doesn’t work well on here; hope they get the bugs out soon – almost impossible to use.





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