Fresh Harvested: ShooFlyFarm Honey

Aug. 8, 2013

We’ve been busy harvesting honey this week.

As you know, we only have two hives, so we don’t harvest a lot. But over the past couple of years, people have asked to buy some of our honey and I’ve had to turn them down because of the small amount we produce.

For that reason, since we do have some honey to sell, I’m posting this for those who are interested. Supplies are extremely limited.

1186126_10151687368334615_1863957771_n-1Honey harvested today, photo by Annette Waya Ewing

We have harvested three “supers” of honey (see the July 4 blog post) and gave away about one and a half full to friends, family, and so forth. Now, we’ve got two more supers full (about 5 gallons) that we have harvested this week to sell.

We sell the honey with comb included, since that’s got a lot of good stuff in it. Just chew the wax like chewing gum and spit it out when you’re through. A lot of the light wax just melts – like when you spread it on hot bread.

We sell only raw, unfiltered honey straight from the bee. No chemicals of any kind. No preservatives. It has not been “cut” with corn syrup and any other additive to change the viscosity, sweetness, amount or color of the honey – as is often the case with some “processed” honey. It’s not pasteurized or heated to kill enzymes. Indeed, we think the enzymes are good for you!

Selected from mite-resistant strains, our bees are not treated with any chemicals. Although we are not certified organic, we meet or exceed those regulations as natural or “barefoot” beekeepers.

This honey has a slight molasses-like or nutty flavor. Very sweet.

If interested in buying some of our honey, write Annette for prices:

We’re a little higher than what you find off the shelf. But we don’t sell much, and it’s hand crafted, not via machines.

Jim PathFinder Ewing is a journalist, author, writer, editor, organic farmer and blogger. His latest book titled Conscious Food: Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating (Findhorn Press) is in bookstores now. Find Jim on Facebook: or follow him @edibleprayers or @organicwriter or visit

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